Smoky, glitter, false eyelashes… do we dare or not after 50?

Smoky, glitter, false eyelashes… do we dare or not after 50?

Who says you can’t have fun with makeup after 50 years? Olivier Tissot, expert make-up artist at Embryolisse, tells us all about how to handle the art of make-up with brilliance – but subtlety – during the holidays.

The smoky

There’s no age to dare the black eye. It brings emotion and intensity to a beauty setting. Another advantage is a make-up that allows to reshape the eye according to the expert. With a light shadow (brown or black) at the outer corner of the eye, the eye contour is restructured by visually lifting the eyelid.

The pro’s advice: pay attention to the texture. Choose a matte eye shadow. Iridescent textures should only be used on very specific areas such as the inner corner of the eye, and in small strokes.


Opinions diverge:
some even say that they should be banned absolutely after 50 years. The reality? You can succumb to the call of the straw under certain conditions. Apply them only in a localized manner. At the lash line, for example, with a glitter eyeliner, but never over the entire eyelid. Alternatively, pat a little glitter on the lips for a festive effect that is not too ostentatious!

The pro’s advice: never place glitter on the décolleté or any hollow areas, as it accentuates reliefs such as wrinkles or pronounced bones. Focus on the fleshy areas of the body: bulging cheeks, bare shoulders…

False eyelashes

They intensify the look and give a full look to the fringe of lashes. They make up the look of nothing and subtly rejuvenate the eyes. Applied locally at the outer corner of the eye, they lengthen the eyes and provide a lifting effect.

The pro’s tip: beware of the drag-queen effect not at all elegant with oversized plastic false eyelashes.

The graphic liner

Like false eyelashes or smoky, eyeliner can bring a breath of fresh air to the eyes, provided it is well dosed. The idea is not to go beyond the eye contour. We forget the “tail” of the eyeliner, very 50s. Draw the line flush with the lashes from one corner of the eye to the other, no more.

The pro’s advice: banish whimsical colours. Stick to classic black for a guaranteed effect after 50 years.

The matte mouth

Matt textures tend to mark the features and dry out the lips. It’s best to choose a creamy, very elegant version. The essentials for a perfect mouth according to the pro? A rosewood pencil, a pretty lipstick and a lip balm.

The pro’s advice: beware of large mother-of-pearl as unflattering as matte textures. You have to find the right balance.