5 make-up mistakes to avoid after 50 years old

5 make-up mistakes to avoid after 50 years old

Good make-up reflexes are not necessarily the same at 50 as at 20. Here are the pitfalls to avoid according to Valérie Mercier, make-up artist.

1/ Concealer that covers too much

So yes, we don’t want to look tired, but we mustn’t fall into the trap of overbidding, especially after the age of fifty. “The concealer must be chosen carefully to camouflage dark circles without tiring or marking the eyes,” explains Valérie Mercier. The ideal? Opt for a moisturizing formula, enriched with hyaluronic acid and slightly satin-smooth.

2/ Make the eyes look heavier

If, as a teenager, you were a fan of the black pencil that gave you a mysterious look, at 50, you forget! Applied in the mucous membrane of the eye or at the level of the eyelashes, the black pencil tends to make the eyes heavier and harder. During the course of the day, it can also make fine lines appear. But don’t panic if you want to underline your look, it is quite possible but you should opt for a softer result. You can choose a brown, grey or taupe shade instead. “And above all, we forget about kohl,” insists the expert, “It’s a real enemy of our eyes when we’re no longer in our twenties.

3/ Mascara again and again

Another mistake, overuse of mascara. It tends to “plumb the look,” says Valérie Mercier. We apply a light coat to open and awaken the eyes. And we avoid applying mascara to the lower lashes. And if you really can’t do without mascara on the lower lashes, you opt for a softer color like brown. This will prevent the facial features from becoming too hard.

4/ The matt mouth

For a glamorous look, there’s nothing like a well made up mouth but under certain conditions. It is important to know that matte lipsticks tend to make lips look thinner and mark fine lines. Instead, we prefer a moisturizing, slightly satin-like texture. As for shades, leave out red or burgundy. Soft colours are our friends, like pink or coral for example. Perfect for summer.

5/ Avoid bronzing powder

The sun is back but you haven’t had a chance to expose yourself… So neither one nor two, you rush to your tanning powder. Problem? It can quickly make your face look older if it’s not applied properly. To make sure you don’t miss out, apply a touch of pink or peach blush to the cheekbones, moving slightly up towards the temples. “The ideal is to choose a liquid blush, there’s no room for error,” says Valérie Mercier. Apply with a brush or fingertips!