Top 10 of the best villains of One Punch Man, those who arrive at the ankle of Saitama

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In One Punch Man, Saitama is the strongest, the best, and he will never be beaten. So we can say that the bad guys are useless. However, this is not the subject of manga and anime. And here, we will rank the best villains, those who are happy to see, even if in the end they lose.

PS: be careful, I read the scans, so I'll probably spoiler the season 2, but you worry I'll let you know in each paragraph.

1. This mosquito

Why he is so cool: he is the only one to have survived Saitama, ONLY. No other has succeeded. And just for that, he deserves the first place of the coolest villain.

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2. Garou

Why he's so cool: he's not really a villain, let alone a hero, and that's why he's cool. He learns fast, fights well, and his dedicated bow is surely the most interesting of the manga. Look forward to seeing what will become of the story.

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3. Lord Boros

Why he's so cool: he's the most powerful enemy Saitama has ever met. His fight, at the end of season 1 of the anime, was fantastic, as beautiful as nagging. And without the help of the Moon, Saitama would be lost in space right now, so Boros was not so far away from winning.

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4. Gyoro Gyoro

Why he's so cool: SPOIL of season 2. He's thought to be the right arm of the big boss of the Monsters Association, he's the one who controls everything, and I like it. Manipulators always have the rib in my heart.

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5. Orochi

Why he's so cool: SPOIl, he's the boss of the Monsters Association and must be of a Dragon ++ level, maybe even I hope God. For now, his power is hidden and we have seen almost nothing, but it promises heavy then 5th direct.

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6. Speed-o'-Sound Sonic

Why it is too cool: in other mangas, this kind of Sasuke type, handsome, dark and talented breaks the cake well (it does not mean anything but it is not vulgar). While in OPM, it is rust each time, and what is worse. So I validate.

7. Ashura Rhino

Why he's so cool: Dragon level, he's the first to piss off Saitama, and that's good. Indeed it is because of him that Saitama the days of promotion on Saturday at the supermarket, and frankly it fucks rage.

8. Mr. Muscle

Why he's so cool: an emotionally strong character, with a well-worked flashback and a shocking evolution (he kills his brother by mistake), that's a good villain. In addition, he was the first to understand Saitama about being stronger than anything. Touching.

9. King of the Seas

Why he is so cool: his bow is certainly short, but just as interesting. It is a traveling cliche (like all the characters in fact but he still more) and I highly appreciated the "fight" in the rain against Saitama.

10. Black Sperm

Why he is too cool: his name is sperm black, and nothing that deserves a place in this top. And I can not wait to see what he can do for this little Dragon level guy.

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