33 cats with the craziest dresses of all time


Everyone knows that cats are known for their agility, but did you know that our feline friends are also masters of disguise? Look at this list of cats with unusual hair, prepared by Arreadah, to see what we mean.

Whether they look like cinnamon buns, hipsters, chocolate cookies or even Adolf Hitler, these cats are real geniuses when they decide to camouflage themselves and go unnoticed.

1. This is Sam. He has eyebrows.

2. A cat on a cat.

3. Marbled beauty.

 4. This is my cat, Paco. I also call it "exclamation ass".

 5. Venus the kitten with two faces.

 6. Hamilton the hipster cat.

 7. This cat must have a secret identity.

 8. A cat who wears cat ears.

 9. Cinnamon Roll Cat

 10. A Hitler Cat Look-Alike

 11. This kitten has a heart on his nose.

 12. This cat who curls up to form a heart.

 13. BatCat (and look at his paws).

 14. The cat OH MY GOD.

 15. My friend's cat has a number 1 on the front.

 16. This cat has fur eyes over his real eyes.

 17. A kitten with a silhouette of himself on the nose.

 18. There is a sword on my cat's fur.

 19. A cat with a cat on the back.

 20. The queen of spades.

 21. My cat has a mustache and an arrow pointing to his crotch.

 22. A cat with a permanent hat.

 23. My cat has Batman's logo on his fur.

 24. My cat has a heart almost perfectly formed on his buttocks.

 25. A kitten with "cat" written on the fur.

 26. Trixie with half-face.

 27. A kitten with worried brows constantly.

 28. This black cat has a pink nose.

 29. The pattern on my cat's fur looks like a squirrel.

 30. Starry face.


31. My friend's cat has a paw print on the paw.

 32. My cat has a flash on the forehead.

 33. A monkey hug from behind.