Shutdown of the US government becomes the longest in their history

Shutdown of the US government becomes the longest in their history
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    The "shutdown" or US government shutdown that paralyzes some of the federal administrations of the US government has become the longest in the history of the United States on the night of Friday to Saturday, entering its 22nd day.

    This partial halt to the functioning of the federal authorities, which began on December 22, now exceeds 21 days of "shutdown" under the presidency of Bill Clinton in 1996.

    The situation should remain so at least this weekend: Donald Trump assured Friday not want to declare "so quickly" the national emergency procedure (it can trigger) and the Senate has suspended its meeting until Monday.

    No compromise could be found between the Republican president who calls for $ 5.7 billion to build his wall anti-migrants on the border with Mexico and the Democrats, fiercely opposed to the project deemed "immoral", expensive and ineffective for the fight against illegal immigration.

    The consequences are very real. For the first time Friday, the 800,000 federal employees affected by the "shutdown" did not receive their salary (crfund). Since December 22, half of them deemed "non-essential", have been placed on leave without pay, while the other half has been requisitioned in US government shutdown.

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