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How to know if someone is watching you through your smartphone

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By W.M - October 24, 2018

Safety always comes first. By using short system codes, we can learn more about our smartphone settings and whether our text messages and data are secure or someone is spying on us.

Arreadah.com has brought together in this article the most useful and current codes for today's smartphones, as well as some instructions for those who do not want to be spied on.

Thanks to this code, you will be able to discover if your calls, texts and other data are diverted. Any type of hijacking and the phone number to which the data is returned will appear on the screen. Generally, this type of diversion is set up by jealous spouses, parents who want to protect their children and delinquents. Often, victims are adults who have lent their phone to a stranger. As a result, people who are not your loved ones will know everything about your life: where you live, who you talk to, what are your habits and your itinerary. And in some cases, they will also have access to your economic resources.

Write this number to find out where your calls, text messages and data are deflected if no one can reach you. Most likely, call diversion is installed to one of your telephone company's numbers (voicemail).

This is a universal code to disable any type of hijacking of your phone. It is very convenient when you use roaming because your operator will not charge you for calls that are diverted to voicemail.

By using this code, you can know the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) of your smartphone, which is actually the international device identifier. By knowing the IMEI of your phone, you can find it if you have been stolen. Each device transmits this code automatically, regardless of whether the SIM card has been changed or not. If someone knows your IMEI number, they can find out what type of phone you have: their model, their technical sheet, etc.

The James Bond code

There are special codes that help you track your location and find out if someone is spying on you. To check it, you have to install the new monitor application. Then introduce one of these codes:

For iPhone: * 3001 # 12345 # *

For Android: * # * # 4636 # * # * o * # * # 197328640 # * # *

First stage. Join the UMTS Cell Environment, then in the UMTS RR info and write the numbers of a Cell ID (CID). These are the numbers of the stations being closest to you. Your phone will default to the one with the best signal.

Second step. Go back to the main menu, click MM info, and then click PLMN Serving. Write the Local Area Code (LAC) numbers.

Third step. By using these two data and a web page, you will be able to track the location on the map of the station to which your phone is connected.

Suspicious mobile bases are trucks or small buses with long antennas. They usually work in festivals and on sites where there is no coverage. If a vehicle such as this one appears for no reason near you, it is either that your operator tries to improve the quality of the signal, or that foreign spies work not far from your home. Unless it is industrial espionage?

Use an anti-virus

If you use an Android, check from time to time that your phone does not have a virus. PlaceRaider is one of the most dangerous. It has been developed by American scientists, and it has shown that our devices are very vulnerable. By entering a smartphone, this Trojan, with the help of your camera, makes a series of photos of the space in which you find yourself. He then creates a 3D model of the room, and if you are connected to the Internet, he sends the collected data with all the passwords and information of the smartphone.

How do special services listen to our phone calls?

  • The secret services of almost every country collaborate with telephone operators. The latter gives them access to any number with a judicial warrant and provide them with the data collected during the last three months.
  • If the secret services spy your phone, it is likely that you do not even realize it. Problems such as interference during phone calls, fast battery discharge, battery overheating and unexpected phone restarts are a good reason to get it to repair and worry.
  • People do not give a lot of information over the phone, which is why it is very easy to spy on using special devices (such as microphones) installed inside the room/building. They can be identified using a radio wave detector.

How can you protect yourself from scammers and spies?

  • Uses instant messaging services that have closed access, for example, Telegram, Chare, Wickr or Signal.
  • Determine what type of information is reliable to be publicly shared. Should everyone have your phone number, access to information about your family, your loved ones and your lifestyle? Be careful when publishing photos of your children.
  • Do not install an unknown application on your smartphone, check those already installed. Whenever possible, use secure multi-level credentials, do not open suspicious links, and do not connect to suspicious cables to "charge" your phone for free.
  • Only the telephone company can offer you a location search service for another customer: a member of your family or an employee of your company. This is done only with the agreement of the same client (if it is major). The pages and applications that offer you the opportunity to discover the location of any phone number are scammers. So be careful!
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